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Project Description

 Ürün Özellikleri
The wireless sensor EE240 has state of the art sensor technology and highest reliability of data transmission.
Installation of the wireless system is extremely simple.
EE240 wireless sensors are the ideal solution for high quality, wireless measurement of humidity, temperature or CO2.

Wireless Transmitter
Each transmitter can be equipped with up to three sensing probes. An optional display is available to provide local indication. The unit is battery powered meaning no line power is required.  Battery life is up to 3 years depending on the measured values and the sampling rate.

Interchangeable Digital Sensing probes
A selection of digital probes is available to measure humidity, temperature or CO2.  Adding or changing probes to expand the network or removing probes for calibration is achieved in seconds and does not affect network operation.  This is a must-have for industrial applications that require sensors to be routinely recalibrated.

Project Details