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Project Description

 Ürün Özellikleri
Accurate humidity / temperature measurement over a wide working range, fitted in a small-sized housing and high flexibility have been the main goals for the development of the EE08 series.

Long term stable E+E sensor technology and an innovative electronic concept will meet these challenging objectives.
Low power consumption and short start-up time support efficient energy management for battery operated systems.
Calibration data and other relevant functions like linearization or temperature compensation are stored in the probe. This feature, together with the optional connector, allows for easy replacement of the probe without a need for re-adjustment
of the reading device (interchangeability).

Humidity and temperature measurement are available as analogue outputs (0-1/2.5/5/10V) or as a digital interface (E2-interface). Easy implementation and data processing is warranted.
Humidity and temperature reading can be re-adjusted using the calibration software; available as an accessory.

Project Details